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Premium High Bay light, 200W, 22000 Lumens, Epistar COB LED, Mean Well Driver, 5500K, IP65

Premium High Bay light, 200W, 22000 Lumens, Epistar COB LED, Mean Well Driver, 5500K, IP65

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200 Watt, IP65, 22000 Lumens Epistar COB, white 5500K,Ra >80, 90 Degree beam angle from symmetric glass lens that gives a much higher luminous efficiency than plastic lens. Anodised primary (non recycled) 6063 Aluminium used for heatsink gives very effective heat dissipation and rust protection. The heat sink has been designed to allow more air flow for better heat dissipation. Reflector made out of anodised 1050 grade Aluminium, performs the dual role of  reflection as well as heat dissipation. The designers  have gone to extremes to resolve heat dissipation with high quality materials that have the best possible thermal conductivity.Ceramic substrate used under the COB chip not only helps with faster heat dissipation, but also helps eliminate expansion during heating and contractions during cooling. Silicone ring is used to seal the light engine. This protects the light source from dust, water and excessive vibrations. We have personally witnessed these lights burning for over three years non stop in our suppliers' very warm burn-in room. COB light sources are considered single source light, and create a much more pleasant light with clear reflections. SMD light sources are multiple light sources and create a blurry reflection when compared to COB. Then why don't all manufacturer's use COB light source ? Because they can't deal with the cooling requirements of the heat coming out of single light sources (COB). The manufacturer of this light (based in Taiwan), not only manufactures LED lights, but high precision medical equipment. It shares technology across its fiels. This fixture comes into its own when it comes to installation at heights over 6m. The glass lens technology used in the fixture blows the competition out of the park. Not convinced, check the lumens read out coming out of an 200W SMD highbay and come to our showroom to read the lumens output of our COB high bay lights. This is a light designed by engineers, not just copies from other manufacturers. 

The fixture is a work of art in itself, and will enhance your new gym or indoor sports complex. All hooks and screws are 304 grade stainless steel and will last for years.This COB high bay lights has proven to be very stable under extremely harsh conditions. Yes, its not the cheapest, but we believe its one of the best, if not the best. Once installed, you will enjoy this beautiful light and fixture for years to come, virtually maintenance free.

Each and every single light fixture is tested using thermal imaging cameras and light distribution instruments. All our fixtures go through strict QC checks and are exposed to a 24 hours burn in test. Most of our competitor exporters do a four hours burn in test on randomly selected fixtures. 

Comes with high quality constant current Meanwell ELG driver with PF>0.95

M10 Stainless steel hook mounting and suspension kit comes standard with this fixture. However, You can wall mount this fixture by buying the optional 304 grade stainless steel U Bar accessory.  

Comes with SAA and 5 years warranty. 

Dimension:Hanging  Ø304x356(H) hanging, wall mounted - Ø304x326(H)

Weight:  Hanging              6.6Kg,
              Wall-mounted      7.0Kg

If you would like to wall mount your high bay, your will need buy a U Bar accessory for it.


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