How far should I space my downlights for a more even lighting?

How far should I space my downlights for a more even lighting?

Use this document as a guideline when you are using non diffused down lights (or any lights that have a beam angle mentioned in their specifications) in your project.

You can download this spread sheet to work out how far you must place the lights from each other to avoid any dark spots on your floor. You only need to fill out the height of your ceiling and the beam angle of your light into the spread sheet and it will spit out the recommended distance in meters. If you have areas with different ceiling heights, or you are using different lights that have different beam angles, please fill out the ceiling height and the beam angle for each of the areas. You can fill out the names of the areas in case you want to print it out and pass it on to your electrician.  

COB downlights usually have a beam angle. This natually results in a torching affect. The light travels in the shape of a cone from the light source. This would natually mean that there will be dark patches outside the beam of the light. 

We have done some simple calculations to give  you a guide of how far your lights should be from each other to get an evenly lit house. 

We highly recommend the use of COB downlights for residential lighting system. They make a huge impact on the ambiance of your hourse and would usually have a much higher CRI. Diffuse SMD lights are glary and the light gets muddy when it passes through the milky white diffuser. 

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