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Bollard, Garden Light, 240VAC, 5 Watt, IP54, sand black

Bollard, Garden Light, 240VAC, 5 Watt, IP54, sand black

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This product does not come with any warranty as its been found structrually defective. It can snap at the base very easily. AT A GLANCE

  • IP54 suitable for outdoor use

  • High quality Epistar COB chip
  • warm white colour light 3000K
  • high quality SAA approved Kegu driver built in
  • UV stabilised to resist fading
  • double powder coated Aluminium body
  • 240VAC connection, no need for transformer
  • colour rendering CRI>80
  • low power 5W, Annual running cost less than $5 (based on 10 hours a day)
  • 2 years replacement warranty


Install along garden pathway and edges of decks


This product comes with a driver built in, so you don't need to buy drivers. It is connected to 240VAC supply. The wire enters from the bottom of the fitting, and a live, neutral and earth is provided. Normally installed on a concrete pad with a wire coming out of the centre of the pad. This product is to be installed by a licensed electrician.


110mm x 700 mm (H) 

1.6 Kg

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