LUMI-FI is a supplier of high-end Lighting, Audiovisual and Home Automation products based in Fyshwick, ACT 2609.

Our story in this industry started back in 2019. We started out as an online only business in high quality LED lighting products carefully chosen to suit the Australian residential and commercial market space. After successfully trading online for two years, we opened our first showroom in Fyshwick in March 2021. 

 As we were fully aware of the stiff competition in the segment, we decided to move away from the traditional lighting store set up. A traditional lighting store in Australia is set up with a thousand different lights, where a customer usually gets no feel of how the light is going to look in their home. The aim of traditional lighting stores is to cram in the maximum number of lights in the available space. In some cases, we have seen downlights being displayed on walls instead of ceilings. Our aim, while fitting out our showroom was to give our customer the feeling of how a certain light would look in their home. At LUMI-FI, we believe a light fitting doesn’t just make light, it makes shadows as well. We have used our imagination to combine the lights and shadows of light fittings to come up with some unique feature wall ideas. Pictures don’t do justice to what we have been able to achieve in our showroom, a visit to our showroom is highly recommended. Our range includes wall lights, garden lights, a wide range of unique downlights, high light out-put commercial grade strip lights, aluminium extrusions, star ceiling lights, heavy duty high bay lights, street lights and a lot more. 

Our range of products does not stop at LED lights. Our showroom is fitted out with world’s best brands in home automation control systems. We are able to integrate your home’s security, CCTV, access control, lighting, blinds, doorbell, intercom, climate control and a lot more into a single system. You can control it from an on wall touch pad, your own smart phone or the provided smart remote control. At LUMI-FI, we take the control system to the next level. Yes, Alexa and Siri are good to give out voice commands to your home automation system. At times they can be a hit and miss. The question we ask is , why bother with voice commands?! Imagine coming in every day, and giving hit and miss Alexa or Siri commands?! If your alarm is integrated into the home automation system, why bother asking Siri or Alexa to turn your lights on or off. How about you come home, you unarm your alarm, and the automation system does the rest for you. We can program your automation system to execute tens of commands by you just punching in your alarm code into the keypad! Put your blinds up-yes, turn your hall way lights on- yes, get your CCTV to stop recording on the indoor cameras for privacy reason- yes, turn your tv on- yes, turn your climate control on -yes. And think of the above scenario in reverse, you are leaving home, you arm your alarm, you don’t need to go into each room to turn your lights off, let the automation system do it for you. Even better, you forgot to arm your alarm? if your alarm is integrated into your home automation system, just punch in your PIN remotely and arm it. And yes, the automation system will execute all the commands that are linked to your arming.  You are on holiday, and worried that someone might be observing movement in  your home with plans to possibly break in! Worry not! Let the automation system take control of your security. We can program the system to keep various lights going on and off in random sequence after sunset. Our camera system recognises human, we can program your system to turn on all the lights in your home if a certain camera notices a human. Sky is the limit of what’s achievable with a well designed and programmed home automation system. 

If you are after a good sound or home cinema system, we range some of the world’s best brands in sound and vision. Our showroom has a huge range of speakers and amplifiers available for audition. We take pride in providing the best bang for your money. We stay away from stocking every single product on the market. Our criteria is simple, get the best rated products, and let you decide which one of those highly reviewed products suit your style of music. 

We invite you to visit our showroom to experience the best in lighting, Audio Visual and home automation.