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400 Stars Twinkle Engine and Optic Fiber Harness, Complete Kit

400 Stars Twinkle Engine and Optic Fiber Harness, Complete Kit

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Why our Star Ceiling Kit is the best in the business

Hundreds of them sold, not a single one has been sent back for a Warranty Claim
Our star ceiling kit is not strobing (on/off) kit like others, but it has a spinning glass wheel in front of the light source
The speed of the Twinkly motor is adjustable using the 1-8 dip switches This gives you control over the Twinkle speed to get the most realistic night sky fading effect. We recommend to set it to 1 RPM. But the final choice is yours. The manual tells you the position of the dip switches to get the desired RPM
Our Star Ceiling Kit comes with a dimmer knob to adjust the output  of the LED lamp to your liking. In a home theater environment , you might want to keep at a bit lower than max , so it doesn't effect the picture on your screen. 
Our star ceiling kit does not bother with RGBW , We keep it simple and realistic, blue and white fading. When was the last time you saw Red and Green Stars
Our Star Ceiling Kit comes with 400 star optic fiber harness. Most of our competitors give only 200 to 250 strands. In most cases, this lower number of strands are not enough to cover the ceiling generously. 
Our Star Ceiling Kit comes with Australian Warranty. We have sold tens and tens of them and not a single one has come back. When you buy from Alibaba directly, good luck with finding the supplier overseas. We are a brick and mortar store based in Fyshwick Canberra. You know your warranty is in safe hands, in the unlikely event of a failure. The zero failure rate (so far) is not just mere luck, its because we specify very high quality components. The Aluminium housing keeps the LED chip cool which in turn plays a big role in  giving a longer life to the light source. When we offer 3 years warranty, we don't keep our fingers crossed, we are very confident, it will last much longer than the warranty period. 
We do not supply a remote control because it doesn't have RCM approval. The last thing we want to do is supply you with unapproved products. We recommend you ask your electrician to give a separate power point or plug base in your ceiling that can turn on an off from a switch on the wall. Running it from the same circuit as your down lights is not recommended, as you will need to keep your down lights on all the time to enjoy the Star ceiling kit. 

Summary in a glance

  • 400 pcs x 0.75mm x 5 metres PMMA end lit optic fiber strands harness
  • 12VDC , 5 Watt generator engine
  • SAA approved power supply , with Australian plug is included. 
  • adjustable rpm to make the twinkle effect more realistic. 
  • adjustable brightness 
  • 3 year warranty


to create a twinkling star ceiling effect

How to install it

You will need to punch 400 x 1 mm holes in your ceiling. Keep your light generator in the middle of the room inside your ceiling. Please make sure you have a 240Volt power supply, preferably connected to a dedicated on/off switch button. Please do not tap into downlight circuit, as you will need to keep your downlights on to be able to run your star ceiling generator.  Pass each strand from inside the ceiling into the room every time you punch a hole with a 1 mm drill bit. Once you have covered your entire ceiling with 400 strands, randomly distributed. We recommend you spray paint the ceiling into a dark colour, grey, dark blue or black. Super mat paint is recommended as reflections are not desirable. The spray paint will jam the strands into position. Hot glue can also be used on every strand from inside, but not necessary. Once the strands are jammed into place, (by glue or dried spray paint) Cut all the strands, leaving about a centimeter length showing out of the plaster into the room. Connect the other end of the harness into your generator, and watch your room convert into a beautiful night star ceiling. The generator has a rotating wheel, that makes the ends of the strands twinkle. Please use the adjustments on the generator to decrease or increase the rpm of the rotating wheel to make the twinkle effect more realistic. 

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