Custom Strip Lights, Drivers and Aluminium Extrusions for Electricians and Builders

Lumi-fi offers customised high quality strip lights, LED drivers and Aluminium profiles.

The ordering process is very easy.

1. Choose the strip that you require.

2. Specify the visible length of the strip. We will cut the strip at the next available cutting point so all the visible secion of the profile is lit up end to end.

3. Specify if you need a longer tail on the strip. Our stock standard tail is 150mm long. If a longer tail is not specified, we will solder the standard 150mm tail to the strip. 

4. Specify if you need the strip to be able to dim. This will enable us to allocate the right driver. Our high quality LED drivers meet all Australian standards,  come complete with an Australian plug and three years replacement warranty. 

5. Specify if you require us to supply Aluminium profile from our available range of Aluminium Extrusions. We stock a wide range of Aluminium extrusions that can meet various mounting requirements. Options include surface mounting, recess mounting and embedded mounting. The best thing is, there is no delivery charge and they are always ready for pick up so you can get on with your job immediately. 

6. Send the order to us by email. Feel free to ask for a written quote or work it out from our price list. Please contact us so we can send you our price list. These are "trade only prices" and are not available to our retail customers. 

Once order is placed, we will give you a call when its ready for pick up. We aim to have it ready for pick up within one to two days. Delivery to job site is available in Canberra and surrounding regions on special request.  

At Lumi-Fi we aim to bring "The best strips" to Australia. We don't take the word  "Best" lightly. 

Our strips carry the "best" specifications for power, lumens, PCB density, LED chip density per metre and Colour rendering index. We know for a fact, the strip lights that you are used to getting from your local electrical wholesalers are nowhere near the quality of our strip lights. 

Besides offering custom strip lights, we offer free advice on all things lighting to our trade customers. If you feel a bit stuck and need to pick our brains to come up with a customised solution, feel free to reach out. We are confident, we will pull you out of situations when you feel a bit unsure. 

In the picture below, you can see all the strips are labelled, and already packaged with the right driver ready for pick up. All you have to do is peel and seal. Happy trading.